A modern film noir about the peculiar pastime of a key cutter.

Nachtoord (Nighthaven) is set in a desolate working class town. During the day, the introverted Saïd works as a key cutter to keep his head above water. At night however, he enriches his life in an unusual way.

with Majd Mardo, Olaf Ait Tami,
Nadia Koetje, Rachida Iaallala,
Sebas Berman, Ids van der Krieke

produced by Tessa Beijer
Julia Rombout
directed by 
Hetty de Kruijf
screenplay Loulou Swarte

cinematography Aziz Al-Dilaimi
production design Rosylke Gersons

sound recording Rosanne Blokker
sound design Jelle van Osenbruggen
re-recording mixer Berend Blom
film & trailer editor Erik ten Brinke
original music Thomas Goralski